What would change for you if you experienced calm, clarity and confidence?

How would your relationships change? Your career? Balance? How would you show up differently in the world? Would you feel like you're on your right path? Would you live a truer, fuller, more awake life? 

I believe you can! 

Each of us has within us an inner wisdom. It's called all sorts of names (essence, soul, essential self, true self and a boatload of others). No matter where you think its source flows from, that inner knowing is available to each of us. It leads us on our path. It guides us in decisions. It reminds us who we want to be and what really matters to us. it is the You that makes you YOU. (If that makes any sense at all, definitely keep reading). 

The problem is that it gets drowned out by all the noise in our heads. The hamster wheel that spins with self criticism, self doubt, comparisons, who we think we "should" be, the tapes from growing up. 

Time to quiet the hamster wheel.

Quieting the hamster wheel by creating quiet and stillness allows the space for your own wisdom to show up. Wisdom doesn't compare. Wisdom doesn't berate you. Wisdom whispers to you the ways that you are beautiful. Wisdom knows the next step you should take. Wisdom sees awe, feels peace and knows joy. Once you have experienced your own wisdom, you can feel the difference in your bones and in your being. You can begin to step into your extraordinary life.

How can I help?

Creativity and coaching are the tools in my toolbox. Sometimes I use them together. Sometimes I use them separately. Pick the one that feels like the right fit. (The right fit might be the one that scares you and pushes you a little. Just saying). 


Creativity is a powerful way to quiet the hamster wheel. In my workshops, I guide you through a creative process that connects you to that inner wisdom. You do NOT NEED TO BE CREATIVE to do these workshops. Seriously. It is all about the process, not the final product. 

 Art Coaching

I incorporate art and creativity directly into my one-on-one coaching. Sometimes there are no words. Sometimes painting, drawing, scribbling or creating can unlock a stuck place, and then "traditional coaching" is a million times more effective. It becomes an instrument that we pull out when needed. This style of coaching can be done in person or over the phone. 

Corporate Wellness

I work with HR departments to bring these workshops and coaching sessions right to your workplace. Contact your HR if you are interested in having this happen. Right now I'm scheduling Lunch Breaks for fall. Go here to learn more.

What others are saying:

From the moment I met Theresa, I felt a deep trust in her and her instincts as a guide. Her recent idea to get me “out of my head” led to an hour of meditative painting—something I never would’ve sought on my own and was a great relief from all my mental clutter.
— Ann Imig, founder of LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER
The gentle guidance which Theresa offered to me was extraordinary and grace filled. Through intelligent questioning and intuitive listening, Theresa helped me to see my own path and prepare for my own future.
— Lisa R
Your programs, your gentle nonjudgmental, affirmative and playful, yet profound style and your pipeline into the creative flow is incredibly important for mental and emotional health—I think it has essential value for everyone, especially now during difficult times.
— TS
It was an incredible night! From beginning to end, Theresa facilitated a beautiful experience for us. The atmosphere was lovely and every last detail had been thought of. The way Theresa leads us to create not only something beautiful, but something soul-filled is a true gift of hers.
— Betsy D
Theresa your work is magical, my life is forever changed by you. My current ongoing project is literally painting my life into being. I am eternally grateful for this gift of art. Words truly cannot express the impact made on my life, I am so much better for it, thank you, thank you, thank you.
— Autumn B
I’m grateful to Theresa for helping me remember that art can be about the process and not the result. I love that she so intentionally gives her students permission to just enjoy the mindfulness of that special kind of creative focus, and take away all the pressure of worrying about how to use the materials and what the piece will look like. I came away from my classes refreshed and inspired.
— Ann J
I found that in her coaching, Theresa always went the extra mile to try and help me find awareness. Many times I found things that were unexpected and transformational. In her workshops, she holds a very honest and vulnerable space for you to be creative and find awareness through art as well. I find her fascinating, transparent, and she supported me through some tough moments.
— Pilar M