Bust Out the Balloons

I always read the last page of a magazine first. Always. Even (especially) at the doctor's office. Today the December issue of BRAVA appeared in my mailbox and I am on the last page! Ok, not me, but a vision board that I made for personal use and to advertise a workshop. A blurb about me as well as my website address are included. Seriously, how great is that?

My husband asked how I was going to celebrate. Huh? Celebrate? If my fourth grader wins the spelling bee, you know we'll be celebrating. Even if he doesn't win, participation celebration. We'll celebrate people cleaning their rooms without being asked. In our house you get a trophy when you turn five. My youngest doesn't have to accomplish a thing other than making it to April intact and he gets a TROPHY. We are a celebrating family. 

So. Why do I find it uncomfortable to even entertain the thought of celebrating myself? Truthfully, it hadn't even occurred to me. Never crossed my mind. My mind was too busy thinking, "Great, but you didn't accomplish XYZ yet." Not that I think I would have celebrated XYZ either. 

I'm sure I'm not alone. We who take care of everyone else. Who fret about the self esteem of our little (or not so little) ones. Who find a lot of our value in the successes of those we are raising. We who do SO MUCH worthy of celebration. Not going ballistic at our kid throwing a temper tantrum at Costco - Celebrate! Patiently changing the sheets of the second boy in the same night to pee his bed - Celebrate! Figuring out the third method of multiplication (Good Lord, three? That seems so convoluted and unnecessary.) - Celebrate!

Most especially when we step out of that role. When we have successes big or little, stand alone kind or ones on the road to something bigger, we deserve to celebrate. We NEED to celebrate. We need to stop where are feet are (instead of where we want them to be later on down the road), stand right in the middle of that success, and celebrate!

Going to go put on a little Kool & the Gang now and celebrate good times. (Youtube it if you're too young to get the reference. You'll be glad you did).