Be Where Your Feet Are

I remember my mom telling me, "Don't dream your life away." Daydreaming was my lifeline growing up. Boredom buster. Loneliness escape. Knowing that my life was going to be exciting and marvelous at some point. I just could not be where my feet were. My feet wanted to get going. Get on with it. 

My life now is exciting and marvelous, and I still love my daydreams. In fact, I've managed to incorporate them into my career! I dream up workshops and talks that I want to give. My daydreaming fuels my job.

Yet. I still have a hard time being where my feet are. I still almost always feel like I should be two paces ahead of where I'm at. "Hurry up so we can get to the park." "C'mon, let's go home. I want to xyz." Not being fully present at the park. Not being with my boys and savoring the moments.

"That talk was so thrilling and fulfilling, but I don't have any more lined up." "I am so glad that people responded to my workshop, but I haven't got the next one set up yet. I have to hurry!" Not sitting in the thrilling and fulfilling, or the positive responses. Not letting myself get filled up before I move on.

Then there's the whole thinking about work when I'm with my boys, and being distracted by menu planning and dirty toilets when I'm working.

Today I will be where my feet are. I will savor and sit in the thrilling and fulfilling. I will find contentment right where I'm at right now.