Teeny Tiny Tightrope

This is a picture yanked out of a magazine that I painted and played with. Sometimes following my biggest, boldest, wildest ideas feels like walking on a teeny tiny tightrope. The thing is, I'M OUT THERE! Out there on my tightrope. I could be still waiting on the side of that beautiful lake sipping a cold drink and admiring all the people out there on their own tightropes. Living their large dreams and putting themselves in peril. It's so easy, right? Dream but not do. 

Except, I would be so antsy over there. Knowing there was a yearning in my heart. A sparkle inside of me that could no longer be contained. I simply had to take the first step, and then the second step, and then get right out in the deepest part of the lake on my tiny rope.

Now that I'm out there, I want to keep taking one step after another step. Feeling the breeze. Smelling the fresh outdoorsness. Fully electrified by this absolutely amazing journey that I'm on. 

My hope is that others sitting on the side of the lake drinking their cold drinks will look over the tops of their sunglasses and decide to get up out of their folding lawn chairs. Pick up their dreams, their sparkles, their yearnings and take one step and then another step. That they will discover their own amazing journeys on teeny tiny tightropes.