Making Time Makes More Time

We've all experienced the difference between quick time and deep time. Quick time when time flies. There are too many tasks to finish, looming deadlines and there is never ever enough time. It's a race. 

Deep time when you are doing something and you don't even notice how much time passes. You are in flow. Time seems to slow down. The minutes are fat and full and luxurious. For me that is when I am creating. For some people it's when they do yoga or meditate or cook. 

"I don't have time for that! I'm too busy! There IS NO TIME for deep time!"

Right? But here's the magic. When you make time for creating that flow, you leave that deep time centered, grounded and with clarity. You move into your tasks and your deadlines and get more accomplished in a faster amount of time. It is as if you actually make more time. Less spinning your wheels. Less racing.

What do you do that provides deep time? Are you willing to experiment and see if you can make more time by making time?