What if that conversation is always taking place under the surface? The one between your rational mind and that flicker inside. For so many of us that conversation would sound something like, "Stop daydreaming! You need to pay the bills. Get a grip. You're not good enough, brave enough, smart enough, talented enough, (insert appropriate adjective) enough. "

What if tapping into creativity would get your mind to slow down? Would get you out of your spinning head and negative thoughts to a place where you could actually see that little flicker and feel the tiny bit of warmth it was giving off? Maybe it would be the soft blow to get the flicker to flame up.  

I'm all for getting the bills paid. At the same time, I think so many people are snuffing out the very flicker that makes them special. Living on autopilot because they think that's the best they can do. I think letting that part of you that needs to shine and soar come out doesn't always mean quitting your job and living off the land on a deserted island. I truly believe once people start listening to that flicker, stop being afraid of it, they find the ways to make conscious choices and take the plane off of autopilot. They start stepping into the very thing that makes them special, and that flares up someone else. 

Isn't it worth trying to start that conversation just in case?