Art + Soul Connection

I am immersed right now in figuring out my perspective on how art and the soul are connected. I know they are. I've seen people time and time again connect to something deeper in themselves when they paint or create. I want to figure out for myself where the magic lies. I'm taking a class, teaching a class, researching and playing. Soaking it all in. Finding my own magic and asking people about theirs.

Yesterday I talked to someone who decided to pull out a piece of paper and draw in an effort to prepare himself for a big day coming up. This is not something he would normally do. (My playing is rubbing off on others. People see it's fun!) 

I asked him what that did for him.  "I was learning to be brave and let go. I was making something not BE something." I think the idea of creating something from nothing takes bravery and release. Coming to a blank canvas or a blank journal can be super intimidating. Add to that, in our real lives we're supposed to have a result at the end. ROI, baby. The painting or page or mandala being made, if the goal is going deeper and connect to the soul, is a process rather than a product. Letting go. Letting it be. Hmmmm.

He went on to explain what happened for him. "It was like stepping into a very dusty closet. The light didn't turn on, but there was a flicker of a candle. I just wanted to go in the closet and see what would happen. The closet will reveal itself to be a portal to another place. Maybe a 3-season porch. Maybe a field. Maybe a dark tunnel." 

I love going into my paint splattered, scrips and scraps littering the floor "closet." Many people have not painted or created in their adult lives. Their creative closets are dusty and scary. A place they avoid, often by saying, "Oh, I'm not creative!" Insert click of the closet being locked. I know for a fact (no research needed, but plenty to support it) that EVERYONE is creative. Ev-er-y-one. When people get brave, gingerly step into that creative closet, start pushing away the dust and looking around, magic happens. They surprise themselves. They get out of their heads and into their hearts. They connect with the people around them. 

Getting brave and getting out of your head. Powerful. Magic.