Sewing Buttons on Ice Cream

If Ice Cream Button Sewer were a job title, I would be highly qualified for the position. Sewing buttons on ice cream - doing things the same way over and over and expecting to see different results. Losing weight, improving relationships, increasing finances, gaining self confidence. You name it, so many of us are diligently sewing on those buttons. "THIS time it will work! THIS time it will be different." 

I was even sewing buttons when it came to figuring out what I wanted to do when I grew up. Yes, I was already well past "grown up" (the Big 4-0 had come and gone) and I was still sewing away. Not getting anywhere. When I stumbled on coaching, not only did I put down the drippy ice cream cone and dairy covered buttons on that one topic, I totally got on a deeper level. 

If what you're doing aint working, it aint gonna work. I know, elementary. Basic. Simple. Seriously though, so many of us keep doing what isn't working, hoping and praying that it will work. We are so feverishly trying that we don't see that simple logic. We just keep sewing away.

So often it takes looking through new glasses. Gaining a new perspective. Sometimes it's the subtlest of shifts that makes all the difference.  The real change starts with, "Oh, I never thought if it that way. I never tried that."  

Something to think about. Go put down your buttons. Go buy an ice cream cone and enjoy, but stop sewing.