Life is Messy

It's just an idea. A kind of crazy idea. But not. It's an idea that will either make your heart zing or make you shrug your shoulders and squint up your face. 

The idea is a Life Painting. 

A painting that you start today and you keep painting for the rest of your life. Layer on layer on layer on layer. You never finish. You never hang on your wall. You never share (unless you want to). You never judge. You never quantify as good or bad. You just paint.

When life is dark and angry, because life is dark and angry sometimes, you get out the black and get your hands in there in smear that paint all over the canvas until you feel like you can breathe again. When the sky clears a bit and you feel an inkling of hope, you make a small beautiful dot of , what?, yellow. You SEE the inkling. Right there. You get the raise or your kid says you are the best or you step on the scale and feel proud, you paint rainbows and flowers. It's so not about the ability to paint rainbows and flowers - it's just putting it on that canvas. Putting what? Whatever needs to be there. Life is messy. Super extremely messy sometimes. This can be a way to release some of the mess by actually getting messy. 

Is your heart zinging? 

If it is, but that little voice is reminding you that you don't paint. That you're not creative. That you would feel silly. YOU - YOU!!! Listen to the zing. Go to the store and get that canvas, one brush, and three colors of acrylic paint that call to you, and do it! What have you got to lose? There are no rules. There's no right or wrong. No good or bad. Just a chance that getting brave and getting messy will be amazing. 

Please don't talk yourself out of it. Give yourself this gift of trying.

I'm tossing this idea out. I'd love to know where it lands. Are you going to get brave and messy?