Less Homework, More Cozy Blankets

Perfect frozen puddles with thin layers of ice. Every one I saw walking the dog this morning I crunched on top of. SO satisfying! Shattered glass. Sublime.

To me, that's being in the moment. 

Yesterday someone was saying to me how they think the whole idea of being in the moment is so exhausting! Like an assignment. Like homework. A constant struggle of overcoming.  Fighting your brain to always try be IN THE MOMENT. Ack.

I had never thought of it that way. While stomping on ice puddles this morning I realized there are two scenarios where I find myself being in the moment. The first is like this morning. When things pop up in front of me, and I simply don't resist them. I fall into these moments. I set aside my hamster wheel in my head and experience whatever is in front of me. Ice puddles. Conversations. Sparkling eyes of my boys. Endless possibilities. The more I allow myself to sink into these moments, the more often things pop up in front of me. The more I cue into them.

The other is maybe less falling and more forcing. When I feel darkness driving its way inside me. Either frustration or anger or overwhelm. I KNOW that if I stop and look at that one moment, I head off the darkness. Or at least the intensity. "What is here in this exact moment?" 9 times out of 10 the moment itself is perfectly fine. I can choose to see something that is right in front of me that makes me smile or makes my heart relax. I still have to get back to the scary test results or the overdue bill, but now I can do it with more calmness and less darkness.

Life is hard enough. I certainly don't want mindfulness homework or being in the moment assignments. I don't want to fight my mind - I want to relieve my mind. I want to give it comfort and a cozy blanket as often as I can.