We Live in a Bedazzled Age

We live in an age of free shipping and likes. A time when stuff and "friends" are easily obtainable, and yet so often we're left wanting more of both. Responses are instantaneous, and emotions are expressed in emoticons. We are producing, consuming and scheduling at rates that make us anxious, and somehow we feel like we're not keeping up. We are running out of breath. 

We are so far away from the magic that life is.

There is such a hunger for awe, soul connections, stillness. The invisible parts of our lives are going unnoticed, until we lift our heads up and pay attention to the quiet. Listen beyond the obvious. Look past the shiny. 

I believe in building bridges. Bridging the moment to the deeper moment. Bridging the small self to the Spacious Self that we all have inside us. Bridging the bedazzle to the awe.  

My oldest (11 years old) loves video games and youtube videos. True bedazzle. But when he comes back from skateboarding, that's when he discovers the awe and a connection to something greater. That's when he experiences his Spacious Self.

When I paint, or when I hike, I get out of my head and away from comparisons. That's where my awe and my a-ha moments exist. That is where my bridges get built, strengthened and repaired. 

Do you have a practice that takes you to awe? That connects you to your Spacious Self? How do you build your own bridges to deeper moments?