Least Common Denominator

What is the least common denominator that we share as human beings? I think it's the noise in our heads. The hamster wheel that races in our brain. The one that tells us we aren't good enough. That no matter how hard we try, someone else is better/smarter/thinner/richer/prettier/[insert your word]er. This noise can be so critical and harsh. It keeps us from loving as fully as we could. It detracts us from finding deep peace. It holds us back from living with unabashed joy and wonder. 

Even though it's the least common denominator, somehow we feel alone in the math. Like everyone else has it together. Like we're one of the few out there feeling these feelings. Being so hard on ourselves. Having so little compassion for ourselves. We often think we're one of the few who hasn't solved the equation. 

So the first step in moving away from the math is realizing IT'S ALL OF US! Everyone has their own private hamster wheel. 

Next is finding a way to quiet that wheel. In my work, I use creativity. Pick up a paintbrush and just paint. Or draw spirals until your mind quiets. Walking in nature. Yoga. Meditation. Prayer. Rationalizing with the noise does not work. Trying to talk your way out of the noise makes more noise. Creating stillness and quiet allows the space for your own wisdom to show up. Wisdom doesn't compare. Wisdom doesn't berate you. Wisdom whispers to you the ways that you are beautiful. Wisdom knows the next step you should take. Wisdom sees awe, feels peace and knows joy. 

Once you have experienced your own wisdom, you can feel the difference in your bones and in your being. Now it's turning whatever works for you into a practice, and creating habits of the head. Habits of quieting and calming instead of defaulting to the least common denominator. It's valuing the experience of awe and peace and joy enough that you make the time to do the practice. 

Imagine a world where the least common denominator is inner wisdom and peace. No really, imagine that. How healing. How powerful.