Meditative Creativity


STRESS! We know how unhealthy too much stress is. We know the financial impact it can have. We know it affects our job performance and our interactions at home. We KNOW this! The question is, do we know the ways to counteract this stress and its impacts?

Not all ways works for all people. Not everyone wants to do yoga. Some people find meditation counterproductive. Hikes in nature don't trip everyone's trigger. Yet each of us, as employees, friends and family members, has a responsibility to explore many ways of calming this stress. Finding more than one way and using it often changes how we show up in our relationships and how we perform at our jobs. 

Meditative Creativity is a way that many people have not explored to reduce their stress. I have been amazed over and over again at workshops that I've facilitated how quickly and seamlessly people can capture that calm and find their center. The majority of these people would say that they are not at all creative! That is because Meditative Creativity does not require any artistic skills or abilities at all. It is all about the process, and not the product. Right from the start, participants are eased into releasing expectations and letting go of barriers they have. That first drop of ink or splash of watercolor takes them out of their heads and into their calm. Sharing their experience with the process at the end cements in the learning of this new way to reduce stress. 

Reducing stress and adding more calm to your life. Maybe Meditative Creativity is an avenue for you. You never know until you know.