Medical Professionals work with you (or the one you love) to save your life. I work with you to create the life you want to live.

Cancer topples over the neatly placed wooden blocks that you've built your life around. Who are we kidding, it's more smashing them across the room than toppling! It shakes you to your core. Whether you are the one with the diagnosis, or someone you love, you may be questioning the very things you thought you always knew. Quicksand under your feet and impossible fog in front of you. Whatever you are feeling, you are justified. That doesn't mean you don't still have choices. Choices in how to move through the diagnosis. Choices in how you want your life to look after treatment.

Cancer is such a threshold. Before the diagnosis / after the diagnosis. You get to take this threshold and soak out every last drop of "now what" that there is in it. Now what? Turn that now what on it's head and make some solid, fog-clearing decisions, and take some clear actions that pull you out of that quicksand. You can! I can help.


Powerful coaching conversations. Great, another thing to schedule. There just aren't enough appointments when you have cancer (she says rolling her eyes). Here's the thing. We'll have these conversations over the phone. No need to get in a car or even get dressed.  Scheduling is easy, and timing is super flexible.  This will be the appointment amidst all the other appointments that holds a space for wherever you are at, and moves you forward into where you want to go. 

My framework is a traditional coaching model (I received my Professional Life Coaching Certificate from UW Madison). This model holds you as a creative and capable individual that has all the answers inside you. I ask the questions that help you find a new perspective or a new path. It will push you out of your comfort zone, but my guess is that your comfort zone is miles behind you already. 


What I don't do.

My role is not medical advocacy. I do not have a nursing background. There is no oncology anything on my resume. You have plenty of folks with degrees and experience working on the medical end of things.

This is also not therapy. 

This is about moving forward. What do you want moving forward to look like whatever the medical prognosis? How do YOU want to be? What matters to you now? How do you move beyond cancer?

Let's Talk

Let's talk and see if working together would be a good fit. Book a free initial conversation on my Contact Me page. If after that conversation you feel like you can see a little light and you feel a little calmer about the future, I will send you some package options. Or you can book individual hours with no obligation to continue. Questions before you feel comfortable talking on the phone? Email me at