Is this you?

Are you someone who feels down deep like you are not living your best life? Do you yearn for a fuller, richer, more meaningful life? Do you sometimes feel like YOU are what's holding you back? The negative noise in your head, self doubt, never feeling like enough, perfectionism?  

If this is you, let's work together and quiet that noise in your head. Let's dig in and find that part of your essence that is incomparable and wise. It's there! It's waiting to be discovered (or rediscovered)! Let's find that place where you are clear about what you want from life, and feel confident and strong enough to reach for it.


We can coach in person or we can talk over the phone. My framework is a traditional coaching model (I am certified by both UW Madison and the International Coaching Federation). This model holds you as a creative and capable individual that has all the answers inside you. I ask the questions that help you find a new perspective or a new path.

What I find is that sometimes there are no words. Or sometimes a picture or a scribble can make everything so much clearer than a boatload of words. So sometimes we pull out the paint or the markers and see what happens. Please trust me - you do NOT need artistic abilities for this coaching. The more you draw like a kindergartner, the clearer the message! Other times we just talk, because the words are working just fine. There's no forcing the creativity. It's an instrument we use when the need arises. 

Want to try? If you're local, meet me at the suite. If not, grab markers and paper and let's  hop on the phone and listen to what your heart is trying to tell you. Book a time below for a free initial session.