Art Therapy looks back and heals. Colorwash Art Coaching starts with right now and looks at how you want to get unstuck and move forward.

Are you stuck regarding a decision you need to make, or stuck on your path, or just plain stuck in life? 

I believe that you are a capable, creative, complete human being. All the answers already lie inside you. What is holding you back from getting unstuck is the noise in your head. Let me help you colowash that noise! I use art and creativity as a way to still the noise and help you find the calm space inside you. In that quiet space, I ask the powerful questions that propel you forward. 

Even if (ESPECIALLY if) you don't think you're creative. 

In my experience, it's the folks that think their sister is the creative one, or the ones who think the creative gene skipped over them entirely, that get the absolute most out of this coaching. Don't let your lack of belief in your abilities keep you away. If you are on this website (something drew you here), and your heart is racing a little (or a lot), that is probably for a reason. As I tell my boys, given the choice, take a chance!

If you love, love, love creativity and pulling out the art supplies, come on. You already know the powerful goodness. 

How does it work?

Sign up below. I will send you a box of supplies. Even if they are redundant to things you already have, they are fresh and new, and who doesn't love unused glorious art supplies? We will set up three hour long phone conversations. These can be at work during lunch, while your baby naps, at home whenever is most convenient for you. Each conversation you'll open your laptop or turn on your computer and pull out your box of supplies. Through a zoom connection (I promise, super easy even for tech phobic folks). We'll set our intention for the call, and then I'll lead you through a meditative creativity activity. I'll be there in the background if you want to say something, or you'll completely forget I'm there and that is good too. Once you have calmed your mind, I will ask those powerful questions. After our discussion you'll create your homework. If you need to share something with me before the next call, I will be available to you via email.  


I'd be a little surprised if you didn't have questions! Please email me. Ask me anything. Share your apprehensions. If it's tugging at your heart, at least take the step of connecting with me. Your heart will tell you after that whether it's a right fit and/or right time. 

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