Renewed. Refreshed. Calm. Clear-headed.

Those are the words people use to describe how they feel after a Meditative Creativity Workshop. Now I am bringing those words into the workplace! What would change in your day if you could come back from lunch truly feeling renewed, refreshed, calm and clear-headed? What would taking the time to get out of your to-do list and current issues, and into creative flow do for that list and those issues? What if you were able to connect with others on a much different level than you usually do? 

Mindfulness has made its way into corporate vocabulary. For good reason - it has a huge impact. Impact not only for the person intentionally choosing to participate, but for everyone that interacts with the person after. Mindfulness ripples it way out with positive effects like more productive communication, increased innovation and general ease of being. 

Meditative Creativity is a way to practice mindfulness and get all of its benefits in a very guided way. Creativity pulls people into that meditative state very quickly. Yes, even (especially) people who don't think they're creative. My skills are in helping people release their anxieties around creativity, and find their creative flow. This flow is where the mindfulness lives. 

No, it's not just for women! It's definitely not just for "crafty" or "creative" types. It is for everyone. Part of the power lies in the releasing of expectations and stereotypes. It's not about what is being made, it's about how each person experiences while they are creating. 

Meditative Creativity Lunch Breaks are exactly what they sound like. I will come in for one hour and lead a workshop for up to 50 people.