When I was in 6th grade, my art teacher told me I didn't color hard enough. I heard, "You are terrible at art!" and never took another art class again. Ever. It wasn't until decades later that I realized not only could I do art, but I NEEDED to do art. I needed that connection to my creative self to be a whole and happy human being. I have heard from SO MANY of you that have similar stories. Your sister is the creative one. You never felt good enough. Someone shamed your artistic efforts. That is exactly why I am able to create a safe space for EVERYONE to quiet their hamster wheel with creativity. I totally get it. You just may find that connecting more to your creative self helps you be a more whole and happy human too.

I am someone who follows Rainer Maria Rilke's words and "live my life in widening circles..." My experiences vary rarely have been going from Point A to Point B in a straight and clear line. This circle I find myself in now, where I am so fortunate to be able to coach, speak, and facilitate amazing events, feels like a culmination of so many ever widening circles in my life. I have been a teacher, worked in editing. launched and led a corporate training program, and done some other crazy career moves in between. I bring everything I've learned, along with the amazing education I got from UW Madison where I received my Professional Life Coaching Certificate (PLCC), into every experience that I provide for others. I feel beyond blessed to find myself here. Honored that you are reading this.








I was featured in BRAVA magazine. You can read the article online here