New Year / New You in a NEW Way

  • Float Factor 326 Junction Road Madison, WI, 53717 United States

It's human nature that we think about making changes when the new year arrives. It's also human nature that we TRY SO HARD and still end up giving up on those changes long before Spring arrives. This is no news to anyone.

What if instead of trying so hard, this year you tried making the changes that are tugging at you by releasing and letting go? Crazy idea maybe, but does reading that make you breathe a little easier? Did your shoulders loosen up a little at the thought?

I strongly believe that we need to be intentional, especially at times like the new year, about what we want our lives to look like and where we are headed. The changes that are pulling at us are valuable, and it's important to respond to that pull. At the same time, we are resistant to change. Forging head on with grit and determination often leads to weariness and disappointment. 

I am inviting you to take a bold step in service of making some changes this year by releasing and letting go. Join us for this 3-week series that explores painting as a way of quieting the mind, releasing stress, and allowing full expression of your true inner self. Absolutely no previous art experience or skill is required! Each week you will be guided through adding a layer of paint onto your canvas and contemplating the clues that show up regarding the intention you have set. While floating will not be a part of the series, definitely bring any thoughts that you have from previous floats to the canvas. You’ve never done a float? Definitely come anyway! Previous experience floating is also not a requirement. The only requirement is an open mind and willingness to experience painting and self expression in a new, relaxed, “floating” way. 

The series will take place on Tuesdays
January 12, 19, 26 from 10 - 11. Cost is $120 for 3-week series / Members: $99 (all materials included). Participants new to floating will receive one optional introductory float for $49. To register, please go here or call 608-279-1009.

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