Shift Your Sludge

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We all have sludge in our lives. It can show up in our relationships, our careers, in big decisions we need to make, our finances, etc. While there are endless inroads for the sludge to appear, the result is the same. We get stuck. Worn down. Worn out.

We are offering you a fresh and powerful way to shift that sludge, and move gracefully and with ease into your power.

This experience is for you if:

  • you are so ready to experience a shift

  • you are open to digging below the surface

  • you want release your fears and move forward in your life

  • you are ready to quiet your logical mind and to listen to your heart

  • you have no artistic abilities or experience (or you do)

This experience is NOT for you if:

  • you are looking for a technical painting class

  • you want to create your masterpiece

  • you are looking for an art competition or a place to compare your artistic abilities

In this Sludge Shifting Experience you will

  • get grounded and centered in a safe and supportive environment using tools such as guided imagery, biomats, essential oils

  • name the sludge so you can move forward

  • open a floodgate to creativity and new possibilities through guided reflective painting (no art skills are required, we promise)

  • journal to reflect and create a concrete plan to get out of the sludge

  • debrief with the option of a laser coaching session

We know this is a new way to go about this process, and maybe even a little bit scary. Sometimes stepping into the unknown and scary can stir up the deepest results. That’s why we are offering this experience at the introductory rate of $20 if you sign up by March 1. After that the price will still be only $30. We want as many people as possible to experience the release and power of this experience!

Who we are:

Sonya Sullins, owner of Luminous Lotus Healing.

Theresa Kim, PLCC, ACC is a speaker, coach and creative experience facilitator.