Art as Soul Work: Learning to Let Go

Letting go is often the obvious answer in our lives, but knowing HOW to let go isn't always easy. This half day workshop dives deep into four steps to learning to let go. Each step will be reinforced by a creative experience. By the end of the half day, participants leave with a clear roadmap of how to let go, and visual reminders of how that truly feels.


Ink Drop Art

We all have areas in our lives where we need to let go. Release. This workshop is all about discovering the magic in letting go when dropping alcohol ink on yupo paper. Allowing ourselves to be surprised and curious without expectations. Your realize that you are in a state of flow, that place where the stress goes away, the worries disappear, and you are fully in the moment. 


Intention Collage Cards

What do you want more of in life? What do you crave but don't create? In this workshop we spend time focusing on those things, and then creating a card deck (made from actual playing cards) as a visual reminder to keep living with intention. 



Ink on water is magical. Suminigashi is a Japanese form of paper marbling. Over and over again, people who do this workshop are mesmerized at what happens when you let go and get curious. In the end you take home marbled paper, but the real power is in the process. 

IMG_20170403_074311 (2).jpg


Etegami is another Japanese artform. The main premise is that not only is it alright to be clumsy, it's GOOD to be clumsy. That allows us to throw expectations out the window and play. We use a combination of ink and watercolor, and a highly unusual way of holding the brush, to create these "picture letters." 

brava thrive.jpg

Watercolor Card Decks

Who are you at your core? What is left when you scrape away the negative noise and the false beliefs you carry? This is what we'll explore, using watercolor as the medium for stepping into our true selves. The cards form a deck that can be used to stand in these qualities long after the workshop ends.